Fresh Content Keeps B2B SEO Alive


Many B2B companies are faced with the same problems when it comes to their SEO. They do a great job with their keyword research and onsite SEO, they build and execute a solid link building plan and things seem to be trending upward. But then somewhere around month six it feels like their B2B SEO has hit a wall—visitor growth isn’t where it should be, nothing too dramatic is happening with lead generation and so forth.

What’s the problem? Is their B2B SEO campaign suddenly failing?

If your B2B SEO campaign has hit a similar wall, it usually boils down to one thing—content, or a lack thereof. SEO is an ever evolving world, and tactics that used to work great on their own five years ago aren’t as powerful today. Many website owners struggle with this, like any business does, when what you’ve been doing suddenly isn’t as successful. It’s not to say that traditional link building tactics don’t work or are no longer important, but without a great content marketing campaign pushing your website and brand along, your B2B SEO campaign will never be as powerful as it could. Without content, a B2B SEO campaign will ultimately stall.

The search engines love fresh content. It gives them a reason to revisit your site and index new pages in the SERPS. Remember, the search engines want to provide the best user experience possible, and that means giving searchers the most applicable information in the search results. The more great and informational content you produce, either on your website or company blog, the better results the search spiders can pull for a user. When you do a great job with your B2B SEO, you are actually helping the search engines do theirs!

It’s important to remember that individual pages, not websites as a whole, are what rank in the search engines. This means that each and every blog post, article, white paper or webinar you publish online has the potential to rank in the search engines. This is useful from an SEO standpoint for a few reasons. First, it helps expand your online brand. The most places a potential customer can interact with your company the better. Secondly, the more content you create the more long tail keywords you can target. While these long tail keywords may not have as much search volume, they drive a much more targeted visitor to your site. When your content ranks well for a long tail keyword you know you are reaching the right audience that is a few steps closer to making a buying decision.

Fresh content helps propel your B2B SEO campaign forward. It gives you the opportunity to target new keywords and keyword variations, vary up the anchor text even more (which is especially important since Penguin went live), target different members of your target audience, expand your online brand and much more. Not to mention, content is also what drives many B2B social media marketing campaigns. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ love fresh content as much as the search engines do because it gives users a reason to stay involved and stay active on the site. In short, fresh content does it all!