How to Use #Hashtags in Social Media


Hashtags were first found on Twitter, where discussions with the same topic could be seen in the same stream and therefore more easily followed. After Twitter, more social media channels started using hashtags – channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Google+ or Tumblr.

In the following lines we’ll go through some common practices and differences for each channel:

* A hashtag added to a word in your tweet on a public account means that anyone looking for that hashtag might find your tweet
* Hashtags can occur anywhere in a tweet. Just make sure you #don’t #over #do #it #and #spam with hashtags
* The number of hashtags recommended in a tweet is 1 or 2
* Use only relevant hashtags for the topics of your tweet

* Try to be as exact as possible with your hashtag, describing your photo as specific as possible. Avoid general terms that can lead into irrelevant results
* Do not over hashtag. Keep only to the relevant ones
* Use some hashtags constantly for the same type of content so that you keep your content relevant, build a fanbase you want and keep them following you
* “Listen” to what is happening on Instagram on your field and discover new hashtags that are maybe even more popular than the ones you already use

* Hashtags on facebook turn your hashtagged word into a link, allowing others to use it as a search word to look for more similar posts
* Don’t overuse hashtags and keep them relevant to the main ideas transmitted by your post, keep them to 1 or 3
* If you want to reach out to as many people, use general, cultural terms rather than branded hashtagged word
* Use hashtags to monitor events or discussions of interest

* Hashtags can be used anywhere inside the post: beginning, middle, end
* One of your hashtags may appear in grey at the top of your post – that is a related hashtag to your post and will let you further explore that topic
* You can join any conversation you want by using the right hashtag, attracting attention and then engaging into the conversation
* Keep it to a maximum of 3 relevant hashtags per post

* Compared to the other channels, hashtags in Tumblr are metatags, used to find content
* You can use (and it is advised to do so) as many hashtags as you want
* Keep in mind one rule only: keep them relevant for your content
* Research which hashtags are most used for search in Tumblr and start using them