Topic Packs are resource packs for teachers, designed to make it easier to find images directly relevant to particular topics. They are linked to the National Curriculum programmes of study; each pack will bring together a number of selected images, give information both on the topic and on the individual images. The packs also include downloadable activities for use in the classroom.
The topics include:

Children's Experiences

  • Evacuees
  • Loss
  • Safeguarding lives
Home Front and Rationing
  • War Preparations
  • Rationing
  • Recycling
A Soldier's Story
  • Humphrey Watkin Hughes
  • Remembrance

Relevance to the National Curriculum in Wales

The resources in this topic pack are designed to help teach the programme of study for:
History Key Stage 2: A Historical Topic in a Local Context - a short-term study of the effect of war on the locality.
The resources can help to deliver all aspects of the programme of study. However, they are particularly useful for the following

Chronological Awareness:

1.2       use conventions which describe the passing of time

Historical Knowledge and Understanding:

2.1      characteristics of the periods studied and the diversity of experience within each one

2.2      to identify the causes and consequences of some of the events and changes

Historical Enquiry:

4.1      use a range of sources to investigate historical topics

4.2     ask and answer questions about the past

Organisation and Communication:

5.1.      select, recall and organise historical information

5.2.      use appropriate vocabulary

5.3     present results with increasing independence in a variety of ways


The resources can also help to deliver the Common Requirements, by providing opportunities in the study of history for pupils to develop and apply


  • Curriculum Cymreig - to develop and apply knowledge and understanding of the cultural, economic, environmental, historical and linguistic characteristics of Wales

  • Communication Skills - by expressing ideas through a variety of media
  • Information Technology Skills - to obtain, prepare, process and present information and to communicate their ideas

  • Problem-Solving Skills - to develop and apply their skills of asking appropriate questions
  • Creative Skills - development and expression of ideas and imagination  
  • Personal and Social Education - develop and apply the attitudes, values, skills, knowledge and understanding


How do I use the Topic Packs?

The Topic Pack can be used in many different ways. It can be incorporated into either traditional or ICT-based teaching strategies. The resources contained in the Pack can be used in whole or in part, and can be customised to suit individual needs.

  • The images can be used when developing electronic whiteboard lessons, or can be printed off for use in traditional teaching situations. They are ideal for providing initial stimulus material, or can provide the focus for more detailed study. Because they are high-quality images of original items, they bring the past to life and illustrate Welsh life during the Second World War with an immediacy and relevance not always possible with other resources.
  • Many images have one or more activities with a cross-curricular dimension.
  • The activities associated with the images can be used as they are or adapted to suit individual needs. They can be printed or downloaded, or they can be used online by children using computers individually or in groups. The activities can also be used as the basis for an electronic whiteboard lesson.
  • All the items featured in the Topic Pack appear on the Their Past Your Future website. This offers an opportunity to develop additional resources by allowing the teacher to provide further material for in-depth study or to give different source material to separate groups of pupils.


Tips for Searching the website

Because the website was originally designed for lifelong learners, items are not directly searchable with terms that relate to the schools sector, such as 'key stages', or by specific curriculum subject areas. But try these ways to explore the site:

To look for images relating to either the Front Line or The War at Home start by browsing the subject tree.

For more specific images, use the keyword search.


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